Looking After Services
We offer our services as: carrying out all periodical checks, interior and exterior cleaning, polishing, repairs, arranging supplies as bunkering and provision, periodical safety checks and other related activities necessary to ensure your boat is always ready to sail and to avoid any problems may cause while you are at sea. Necessary services are carried out by our experienced and qualified staff as per requests and in time professionally.

As every seaman very well knows or experienced, we can not park and leave our boats as we do with our cars. Washing of the boat, polishing and maintenance of hull and hardware of boats appropriate to material specifications to avoid harm of sea and weather conditions, use of covers and protective tools and cleaning of the boat is standard services every boat deserves due to negative impacts of the sea and weather conditions. Our guardinage services are given with a reliable, high quality, permanent and real service approach in detail as part of our mission.

We offer our services in a corporate system and seriously to ensure you spent a more delicate and cheerful time at sea. After a beautiful day spent at sea at the end of a perfect day out, let us do the cleaning, putting the covers on, washing down the boat and other routine works for you. In order to avoid harm and negative impact of the weather and sea conditions of winter season on your boat, boats need to be prepared for winter. During winter period boats need to be washed down, various instrument and safety checks need to be carried out, systems need to kept active such as engines, batteries and other operational equipment need to be run and operated periodically, bilge level checks etc. to avoid any unexpected failures which may cause extra cost at the beginning of next season. Or if you wish, we can maintain your boat ready to used and sail all around year for 12 months.

We offer our services to meet your demands with options of all year around looking after and guardianage services or immediate or as per customer focused service demands. You are always welcome to our office to have information on our services, special offers or only for a friendly chat.
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