We can provide various type of materials and spares from our stocks or through our suppliers as per you needs. Materials are supplied in compliance with quality standards, economical and in time as requested. We also provide services after sales for warranty terms. Under our domestic and international supplier agreements, we provide you economical and advantages offers for materials as per your requests.

We provide you best possible options for selection of materials with the criteria of cost and effectiveness. Our material supply process target is to supply goods and spares in time as requested, correct specifications, following conformity checks and after sales services.

I line with relative representative and local supplier agreements, we offer best value offers prices for domestic and international supplies via the directly supplied instruments such as: generators, engines, air conditioning units, heaters, refrigerators, batteries, lubrications, filters, safety equipment, publications, waste water treatment systems, energy systems for direct sales from manufacturer, installation and after sales services.

We offer both sales and installation services for major equipment such as generators, air condition units, heaters, bow thruster etc. so you can receive sales and after sales services our authorized service certified equipment directly.

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